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Taking the first steps to receive Infusion Therapy can be quite difficult.  Adjusting to an unexpected diagnosis, navigating through paperwork, and having to make calls to and from the insurance company can become cumbersome. 

Here at Repower Infusion, we provide expedited services once physician referral is received. We aim to ensure all our clients will have top notch treatment during and after their visit and our team is ready to manage and fulfill all of your needs from start to finish. 

Which includes:

  • Insurance call center
  • Claim processing, including reimbursements if applicable 
  • Customize patient plans
  • Snack & beverage bar
  • Private rooms
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13134 Dairy Ashford Rd Suite 900
Sugarland, TX 77478

We provide warm blankets, refreshments, snacks and we reassure cleanliness during the pandemic.

9AM-5PM: Monday - Friday

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