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Weekend and evening appointment hours available upon request.

Repower Infusion offers convenience, privacy, comfort, and scheduling flexibility to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

Insurance coverage and cost.

Repower Infusion’s patient financial support ensures quick insurance approvals and low out-of-pocket costs.

Treatment and Care Repower Infusion provides.

Repower Infusion is a Sugarland-based clinic specializing in infusion therapies that treat severe or chronic conditions that do not respond to oral therapy. Our medical team assist clients with Infusion therapy that's prepared explicitly for them based on medical needs.

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Woodlands Location:

  • 17521 St. Luke's Way
    Suite 170
    The Woodlands, TX 77384

Sugarland Location:

  • 13134 Dairy Ashford Rd
    Suite 900
    Sugarland, TX 77478

We provide warm blankets, refreshments, snacks and we reassure cleanliness during the pandemic.

9AM-5PM: Monday - Friday

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